Ready2Net call for applicants aims at selecting a minimum of 40 and a maximum of 80 healthy and dynamic Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) willing to cooperate with each other in the form of a Network for Export, able to compete in foreign markets,  with a clear growth-potential, and a designed and potential commercial project to implement together.

Selected SMEs will become Ready2Net third parties and will enter into cooperation with other SMEs under the form of a network of purpose, not obliging companies to set-up a new legal entity or association.

The creation of the Network for Export is fostered on the basis of the following process:


Can I participate / send candidature if my company operates in the environmental technologies sector?

Yes, you can apply within the BIOECONOMY category.

Do I need partners to submit my candidature?

No, your candidature is individual – on a first instance. After your candidature is approved you can search for partners among other approved participants, browsing in the Ready2Net platform,  to build up your network.

At a later stage, you may also invite other SMEs to join in your Network (namely SMEs that are not yet in the Ready2Net platform). These SMEs must however send all candidature documents and get approval before joining in.

Can a SME apply for several of the 3 pilot projects selected by the European Commission devoted to Networks for Export?

The SME can submit candidature to more than 1 Pilot Project, but, in case of positive evaluation, it will be entitled to receive only 1 grant. 

May I submit candidature if I was a beneficiary of Ready2Go project?

Yes, you may. Just please mention it in the application form.

Who receives the grant?

The grant will be assigned individually to the SMEs part of the Network for Export, on the basis of the allocation of the budget.